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Superb technology created a brand of just today,
Gold's pre-sale service and strive to customer satisfaction!
The company has a skilled, high moral character, professional service team, ready to provide quality services to meet the needs of users.
1. Pre-sale services:
1.1 timely patiently answer customer inquiries, enthusiastic to explain in detail to the customer product performance and characteristics;
1.2 In accordance with the relevant information provided by the customer, providing customers purchase selection service for our customers and return the investment cost accounting allows customers to "buy value, with good" is our goal;
2. Sale of services:
2.1 free of charge to customers to purchase on-site installation, commissioning and technical guidance and hands-on training;
3. Service:
3.1 After receiving the customer service notification within 24 hours to the scene to solve the problem, when you do win services;
3.2 establish and improve the service files, regular visits to do telephone interviews or by hand, to track the use of equipment, work closely with the user equipment to achieve the best working condition;
4. guarantee:
4.1 shelf life of the Three Guarantees products, and equipment maintenance services for life;
4.2 Company perennial with products of all kinds of accessories, wearing parts, ensure that the user needs.