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Dagang company nominated "China Standardization Innovation Award"
Author:  Time :2015-03-09 Browse:982


August 25, 2008, at five in 2008 in Shaanxi Province to the State Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision declared "China Standardization Innovation Award" Enterprise Award, DT6 conducting oil asphalt Xi'an Dagang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. de-barrel device successfully nominated, and on the "State Committee for Standardization," the site of the bulletin, "High-tech Zone report" total No. 113 Ⅱ A5 version of a special report.

     "China Standardization Innovation Award" is the National Standardization Management Committee to encourage standard innovation and promote scientific research through the important activities carried out standards into productivity, the aim is to improve our products, services and project quality, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of our industry, but in recognition of outstanding contributions in the domestic and international standardization organizations and individuals to mobilize the National Standardization worker enthusiasm and creativity.

     The finalists are the state of the company just "DT6 conducting oil deasphalting barrel device" corporate standard full recognition, but also recognition of the company's research and development amounted to just direction.