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Montenegro Delegation Visited Dagang
Author:dg  Time :2012-09-07 Browse:1225

Accompanied by Chenfengxiang, undersecretary of the International Liaison Department of the CPC's Central Committee and other officials, Milo ?ukanovi?, former prime minister and president, current Chairman of SPD, visited Dagang on the morning of Sep 5th,2012.
Dagang's secretary of board Mr Welch extended a warm welcome to the delegation and gave them a brief introduction. Mr Wei Yingli, general manager of international trade department of Dagang, gave a wonderful presentation about Dagang's current advanced road construction and maintenance technology, material, equipments and successful construction cases etc. Then, the members of the delegation consulted Dagang's products, construction environment and requirement in detail and conducted a discussion. After visiting the workshop, the delegation expressed their keen interests and recognitions to Dagang's synchronous chip seal maintenance technology and equipments, mean while, they also hoped to establish a good cooperation relationship with Dagang in the field of road construction and equipments in the future and wished Dagang to become stronger and larger.